Please note that weekly rehearsals now take place in separate section rehearsals (Tenor 1, Tenor 2, Baritone & Bass) via Zoom and new members are welcome to join in. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

Thinking about joining a choir? 

Why not join us on Zoom? - send us a message via the contact page to receive all the details on how to join a Zoom rehearsal

Do you enjoy singing? The Sussex Gruffs are always looking to recruit new members. Membership is open to all. You don't need to audition or read music, (at least half the choir can't), but what is needed is a love of singing and wanting to learn. 


So let’s take you through what happens if you decide to join us.


After contacting us via the 'Contact Us' page you will be invited to join a Zoom rehearsal online. You may wish to download the Zoom software (which is available for Windows, IOS and Android) or you may prefer to use Zoom through your browser (Edge, Chrome, Firefox etc..) we recommend that you do use the Zoom software as it has more facilities available than a browser does).


You will also be given access to the Gruffs' Practice Track Library so that you can practice your voice part for the majority of songs in our repertoire.


Next you will receive an email with a link to the next Zoom rehearsal and a Music Folder with all the necessary sheet music in it. (This may take a few days to get organised). At the appointed time and date, you click on the rehearsal link in your email and away you go. Once the rehearsal starts, you will hear Lucy (our MD) playing and singing but all the choir microphones are muted so you can try a rehearsal secure in the knowledge that only you can hear what you sing.


When normal service resumes, physical rehearsals are currently in the Shakespeare Hall at the Heene Community Centre. Here is a Google Map showing the venue.


Dont worry if you have never sung in a choir before, we'll teach you all you need to know. We sing in harmony, bass, baritone, tenor one and tenor two's. If you are not sure what section you should be in, our musical director will help, but don't worry, there are no auditions and you don't have to sing in front of anyone. When you arrive, we will give you a folder which contains all our music (they are expensive, so remain choir property) so that you can join in straight away.


When you do join, as we hope you will, subs are £18 per calendar month payable by standing order. However, you can attend up to 4 rehearsals free to give you time to decide and (hopefully) time to set up your standing order.  Membership includes providing all your sheet music and access to the members' web page and online audio learning tracks (at the moment for over 95% of our repertoire).


If you want to give it a try, contact our Secretary, Wayne Donaldson electronically via the Contact page for more information.

​The Sussex Gruffs Male Voice Choir has helped to raise significant amounts of money to promote venues or organisations. 


We have also sung at Weddings and other types of celebrations and are available for performances throughout the Sussex area.


To discuss booking us for a performance, please click on contact us and send us a message.


If you would like to be kept informed of our next concert or would like to reserve tickets, please click on contact us and let us have your full name, email address, contact phone number and details of how many tickets you would like putting aside on the door.

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